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Survival Contingency Planning – The Not So Obvious

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By now your bug out bag is packed, your food, water, and supplies are waiting for you at your chosen shelter. All is good in the world, and you’re ready to take on whatever comes down the road.

But sometimes even the best plans don’t get the chance to be executed properly.

That’s where Plan B comes into your survival strategy. And what exactly is contingency planning? Well for some it is no plan at all, and others will simply “wing it” if need be. Personally, I have done this on rare occasions with just enough success to get out alive. I’ve been lucky, but luck runs out and time quickly becomes your enemy. The art of thinking on your feet only goes so far.

So how do you put together a survival contingency plan?

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Keep Cash Close To You

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For a short time, cash will solve a lot of problems even if credit cards and banking systems are not available. Cash motivates people to provide services and give you much-needed information.

Know (memorize or print) Important Phone Numbers

Especially numbers for your loved ones, and people in your network. You might get separated from your phone, computers, and your valuable contacts. This would be a disaster in itself. Contact info and coordinating with close people are essential to your plan.

Personally, I keep both a prepaid phone with my main phone contacts and a laminated contact card, hidden, for just in case moments. Plus extra power supplies, charging cord, and enough minutes to talk for a straight week.

I learned the hard way after I lost my phone while visiting Atlanta… Don’t be me.

Blend In

I can not stress this enough! When cities riot your two piece suit is not the fashion statement of the moment. You’re better off wearing just about anything else.

Anything that makes you a direct target needs to be left behind, discarded, or altered immediately.
Some years ago, I was hired by a couple to “check up” on their daughter who attended an Ivy League college. This was not a camo situation. I wore jeans, bought a school jacket, and a book bag. No one had a clue that I was not a student. Keep them clueless.

Hide Supplies

Some people hide supplies along the path they think they will take, and others rent a storage locker outside of town. While both plans will potentially work, you can simply pick the best strategy for your situation.

You may not necessarily need additional supplies, but having them just “in case” is not a bad idea. Never.

Procure Needful Things

Just because SHTF does not give you the right to act like a common criminal. Just taking or using other people’s property is unacceptable. Leave cash if you take anything!

The only time this behavior might be acceptable is in life or death situations, such as when you are freezing or starving. There are moments when you just have to do whatever it takes! But know and understand that you may have to answer for that at a later date. Be mindful of other people’s property and leave something in exchange, if you can.

Buying supplies along the way is a weak plan.
Your debit card may be all but worthless, or supplies may be unavailable.

Also within arm’s reach should be your multi-tool, knife, first aid kit and a flashlight at a minimum. There is a chance you may have to fight your way to your family or bug out bag.

Having a contingency plan cuts down on chaos, mass confusion, and compounding disasters.

Disasters, crisis, and trouble never come at a time that is convenient or fits right into our schedule. You’re going to be taken by surprise.
Life really is all about how you handle Plan B on a regular basis.

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