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Survival Report is a preparedness and well being blog. It aims to teach its visitors how to keep safe and promote well-being in various situations:

Our expertise in writing these articles comes from a few different sources:

  • we have been dealing with all the issues that we write about ourselves.
  • our writers have been reading and studying psychology, well being and self-improvement books for 10+ years.
  • each article is extensively researched, for at least several days. The sources we use for our facts are governmental entities, medical providers and self-improvement leaders such as Jim Rohn and Brian Tracy.
  • we understand how easy it is to present important facts from the wrong angle (because of incomplete research, erroneous interpretation of statistics, using unverified sources, etc) and work diligently to avoid it.

We welcome feedback on all our posts and use it to improve our content.

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    Advertising keeps us running, but we are fueled by your trust

    • we always make it clear if a story is an opinion piece or actual news and we’ll go the extra mile to verify our sources
    • we write unbiased, professional product reviews
    • we disclose affiliate relationships,¬†should any exist

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    This website is run by Hawk R Bishop and Mike. Hawk is a pen name for the author of How To Protect Yourself Like A Pro. Mike is a director at Implicit Success Marketing.